Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

Bone Daddies is one of the first restaurants I wrote about on my blog.  It was one of the spate of ramen bars that opened last year, all with their slurpy, slippery noodles in steaming broth (Tonkotsu, Shoryu among others).  I loved their Tonkotsu ramen in the little restaurant tucked in Soho, even if the porky broth is too rich for me to finish – definitely no added pipettes of fat in mine (a little extra you can order).

The people of Bone Daddies opened Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden earlier this year.  Instead of bowls of noodles, their namesake dish is home-made steamed buns, with different meat or fish to stuff inside.

We tried the pork chop tonkatsu (£13) in the buns, which came crisply crumbed and very tasty, but a tiny bit greasy.  We also had the grilled kimchi spiced lamb chops (£19.50), with a little bit of pulling off needed to squash into the pillowy buns, along with their excellent pickles.  There was even an extra plate of pickles (£3) – my favourite was the little tangy mushrooms.

There’s lots else on the menu, including a selection of sushi and sashimi, which we passed on this time.  To start, we had salted edamame (£3.50) and delicious broccoli with spicy, citrus yuzu mayo (£5), cooked with just the right bite to it.  The bowl of Japanese pepper squid was perfect, and really generous for the £8 (nearly as good as Foxlow’s squid a few weekends ago).

It’s a long underground room, with a similar relaxed feel to Bone Daddies.  It’s more expensive for a meal here (£10ish for a bowl of ramen at Bone Daddies), especially by the time you have had a few starters, flesh (fish or meat) and the buns (which are extra at £2.50 for 2).  

Overall it’s a tasty place in the middle of Covent Garden (much trickier than nearby Soho for good food).  I just need to return to try their S’more dessert – you get a little table theatre with a mini camp-fire to toast your marshmallows.

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  1. Oh my goodness - I was there only last night! LOVE it - am completely obsessed. The buns are amazing. The sticky rice hot pot also fabulous. And the puddings out of this world. You definitely need to go back for the s'mores!