Saturday, 14 September 2013

Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

You expect good things if it smells completely delicious as soon as you walk into a restaurant.  The lovely cooking smells wafting, and the tiny room with tables cosily tucked in, made me love Honey & Co before getting round to eating anything.

It’s run by an ex Ottolenghi and Nopi husband and wife team – this place also has beautiful cakes on the counter, and packets of golden granola and jewel coloured jams on shelves.  The Middle Eastern menu is bold and fragrant – we started with the falafel, with sesame and cinnamon, with a little tomato, chilli, and pomegranate salad and tahini.  The kalamata olives were delicious – soft and served at room temperature, which made such a different rather than those too fridge-cold.

We then shared a couple of mains – the first the Royal Mansaf; tender slow cooked lamb in soft, buttery saffron rice, almonds and plump golden raisins.  The other was cauliflower schwarma – a mixture of florets of the vegetable with Romanesco, tahini, sticky slow-cooked red onion and herb-crusted crispy pitta – great textures, and fresh way to use the often forgotten cauliflower.

In the evening they also do a dinner set with the mezze and main course – the mezze was a combination of pickles, courgette dip, falafel, fig with goat’s cheese etc, and looked great.  We just didn’t have space for all this, a main and dessert, and it was definitely worth saving space for the sweet things. 

The pistachio cake with roasted plums and sour cream was warm, moist and properly nutty.  The cheese cake was completely inventive and the most delicious I’ve tried – much better made up of crisp Kadaif pastry on the bottom, rather than the claggy, soggy biscuity type of cheesecake.  I asked, and the dollop on top was a mixture of mascarpone, honey, and surprisingly a non-salty feta – rich and beautiful with the white peach and Greek oregano.

In terms of drinks, they have a small, well-chosen wine list, along with home-made cordials and tea infusions.  The service was really warm, and the toilet is extra-sweet – like a little outhouse from a sunnier place (really just on the middle floor of the building near Warren Street).  The food is really good value, and it would be a great place to pop in for tea and cake one afternoon.

There will also be a Honey & Co cookery book at some point soon – definitely one to add to my library (especially if the cheesecake recipe’s included).

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