Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fabrique Bakery, Hoxton

Cardamon pods sometimes get a bit of a bad name, being the horrible things you bite into by accident in your takeaway pilau rice.  Not chewed whole, cardamon is a beautifully fragrant spice, and is great in savoury Indian dishes.

I like it just as much in sweet dishes, as it adds a fabulous heady taste that cuts through any sugariness.  Whether a coconut rice pudding laced with the ground pods and lots of vanilla, or used to flavour syrup for poaching pears, I seem to use it in a lot of desserts and baking.

Cardamon is a key flavour in Swedish baking, so I was excited to try one of the buns at Fabrique bakery in Hoxton, their first London outpost (with 7 branches in Stockholm).  It’s just next to Hoxton station, with the seating and counter open with the bread ovens behind.  They focus on stone oven baking of artisanal bread using traditional methods and great ingredients, with a delicious selection of buns, cookies, brownies and cakes.

The said cardamom bun was richly spiced, and the cinnamon equivalent was just as good.  A crunchy sugar coated chocolate and apricot cookie was a great combination and nicely buttery and crumbly, alongside excellent teas and coffees. 

It’s definitely worth experimenting more with the little green pods in the kitchen, and if you don’t fancy baking, pop into Fabrique for something rather easier.

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